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Welcome to Brain Break!


Each week BCA students in grades K-5 will participate in a weekly “Brain Break.” The vision of this endeavor is to give kids a chance to interact with their peers and give their brains a break from the rigor of the academic classroom.

We all know that the brain is a busy place! In fact, the brain has about 100 billion neurons, each of which has about 2,000 synapses. Each of those synapses fires about 200 times a second. To support all that activity the brain needs a great deal of nourishment and “breaks” (Kagan, 2004).

Our goal is to keep our student’s brains enriched and motivated in the academic classroom and provide a weekly “brain break” to further enrich their learning in a non-traditional way. We seek to accomplish this by providing opportunities for our students to explore, discover, problem solve, and build a strong foundation for future learning experiences.

There will be many different activities offered! Please check on your child’s grade level to see what exciting “brain break” will happen.

Each grade level will participate on different days. Every Brain Break will be from 1:45-3:15. See below for appropriate grade level and assigned day.

5th Grade- Friday

4th Grade- Thursday

3rd Grade- Monday

2nd Grade- Tuesday

1st Grade- Wednesday

Kindergarten- Wednesday

We look forward to an exciting year of brain breaks!


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